Elena 6613

Birth date:
170 cm
English teacher
Fammily status:
son, 2003
fluent English

"I am a sincere lady, who is looking for the only man to be happy. It is a simple desire, but it is not easy to make it true alone... I need my beloved to make it true and that is why I am here:) I am a teacher, who loves her work and adores kids:) I am really a devoted teacher. I teach because I care. I teach because each day I make a difference. I teach because I can help my little students find their role in life. I must say that the Ukrainian women can do everything about the house... and as a Ukrainian woman I can do everything)). My house is always clean and there is always fresh cooked food in it. I prefer healthy food and I cook every day for my son and myself! I have a lot of interests besides my job) And recently I discovered horseback riding. Have you ever tried it? And I always like to try new things and learn something new! I adore fitness and yoga! I want to be healthy! Also, I like cooking interesting dishes! I always try to cook something interesting and tasty! I like to see my home beautiful and I have many flowers and plants in it! I like getting plants and flowers as presents and I like taking care of them:) Look at my eyes:) Can you see the whole world in them? If YES... than you are my only one :) And now you know where to find me!!! I value kindness in people and I want to meet a kind man. The world is rather cruel now and only kindness can make it better! And I believe that only a kind man can make my life better too! It’s also very important to be with a loving, caring, generous man with good sense of humour:) He must love kids:) I have a son and I want to build a real happy family together!!!"